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We exist to help create connected and resilient communities with a sense
of shared responsibility


For the last 20 years CMM Social Change has been working to design, implement and refine a collective approach to addressing complex social challenges nationally and internationally. CMM Social Change leads and provides long-term and embedded Collective Impact support to place-based collaborations and communities. 

We exist to help create connected and resilient communities with a sense of shared responsibility. We encourage and enable community members to feel empowered to work together with partners across sectors to positively impact the life outcomes of their local community. Our hope is that the communities we support will emerge to tackle anything that comes their way.

We engage alongside the people of the community, their partners in local businesses and industry, service agencies and Government, working collaboratively to implement a place-based Collective Impact. Learn more about how we work alongside communities to achieve their outcomes

Our Experience

We have 20 years of experience developing a collective approach. Hear from some of the people that we have worked with.


We work with communities who are doing great pieces of work. Take a look at some of the actions that CMM has been involved in.

How we can work with you

We work with communities, government and services who are at all different stages of their collective approach. Reach out and talk to us about what you are doing

Collecting 1000 Voices - A Collective Impact Approach

CMM Social Change
Collecting 1000 Voices - A Collective Impact Approach
Collecting 1000 Voices - A Collective Impact Approach

Collecting 1000 Voices - A Collective Impact Approach

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What is Collective Impact?

What is Collective Impact?

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These animations shares how we at CMM Social Change see and feel Collective Impact. 


Our practice takes us to urban, regional, remote and very remote places, where we have observed strong change leaders in each setting seeking a tool which will accelerate broad understanding of the Place-based Collective Impact approach; a tool which removes the jargon and technical language and speaks to the hearts of community and its partners.  


We hope these animations will help provide understanding and engagement amongst community members who must lead this change, that they offers strong insights and energy across sectors and that it is readily able to shine a light on what is possible from the early stages of exploration of the Collective Impact approach. 


We believe fully in the power of community members coming together to amplify their greatest strengths in order to tackle their
biggest challenges.  


Over time, we have witnessed enormous shifts and gains when community leads the work in reforming systems. We have seen mobilised and confident communities join arms with a sense of shared responsibility to achieve social change. We have seen power being turned upside-down so that community members are truly part of the decision-making that affects them.  

We also believe that success in this work requires personal discipline, deep attention to detail, unwavering commitment and joyous creativity. We offer big support and we encourage high levels of accountability. 

This is how impact can be achieved. 


We have seen individual leaders emerge and flourish as well as systems shifting and integrating to become increasingly relevant and accessible. Using this approach, communities have affected changes in local, state and national policy, and built prototypes which have been translated into other contexts. Most importantly, we have observed communities recording measurable signs of impact. These experiences provide compelling reasons for us to commit to the Collective Impact approach wherever communities are eager and ready to engage.