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Watch CMM's video about collecting 1000 community voices here

In Tennant Creek,  local Community Connectors engaged in hundreds of conversations with the families and children of their town.  The people shared their hopes and dreams and explored the barriers to achieving these aspirations, providing solutions that would best suit the community.


CMM were able to support the Tennant Creek community to lift up their voices to ensure every program and every action worked to change lives for the better.  We analysed the information emerging from the voices, building a robust data set to inform policy and help set strategic direction. We then created this book alongside community, reflecting the children’s perspective. By sharing the book with those who sought to make a difference, community asked government and services to ‘pause and consider’ their actions in the town and to join up their responses in line with community energy and needs…. And they were heard!

Listening to the children from Tennant Creek

One day we will be adults but for now we are the young ones that laugh and love, breathing life and magic into our town.
Tennant Creek is not much without us but we are not much without our home. Hear us! Let’s write the next chapter together!
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