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CMM Social Change comprises a group of skilful, experienced and adaptive Collective Impact practitioners who strive to meet community objectives for accelerated impact and learning. We exist to help create connected and resilient communities with a sense of shared responsibility.


We encourage and enable community members to feel empowered to work together with partners across sectors to positively impact the life outcomes of their local community. Our hope is that the communities we support will emerge to tackle anything that comes their way

We do this by enabling a way of working led by community that works towards long-term change. We intentionally seek to build resilience in the community, its leaders and the way that the systems interact with each other. 


CMM Social Change achieves these outcomes across community in line with the principles of Collective Impact. 

We work to influence the way systems and people interact with each other to achieve long term social change. 


We engage alongside the people of the community, their partners in local businesses and industry, service agencies and Government, working collaboratively to implement a place-based Collective Impact approach. We help build capacity locally to accelerate positive impact. 


Turning ideas into action is a crucial step in creating impact. Developed over 20 years of experience, CMM coordinates and facilitates ‘Action Teams’ processes to help address community priorities, converting community-led solutions into the implementation phase.

Action Teams are made up of a group of committed people who work together around a specific focus for an intensive work sprint. Together, the team articulates the questions that they need to explore in order to gain a deeper understanding of the problem they wish to solve for community. Action teams engage in a co-design process to align and accelerate work over the period. We have seen rapid and profound impact through this approach.

Why are Action Teams different?

  • Diverse experience.

  • Accelerating progress.

  • Progressing ideas.

  • Built-in rigour.

  • Creating impact.

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In a world that is quickly transitioning to online meetings and virtual collaboration, it is more important than ever to have carefully structured, engaging online connection without losing the human element.

CMM continues to be at the forefront of creating these purposeful, collaborative online experiences that strengthen community connectedness whilst increasing digital literacy.

We provide the experience and expertise needed to suggest the right combination of online working spaces, video conferencing, interactive platforms, and secure cloud-based storage options to suit each specific intended outcome.

With expert facilitation and strategic thinking, our team provides the wrap around support needed to ensure these experiences run smoothly, making sure that they are energetic and fun, allowing community to focus on what really matters.


We prioritise building the capability, partnerships and investment that set communities up to continue the long-term social change effort.  We work to reduce our involvement as soon as possible and to replace our support with the emerging capable, confident community leaders.  

Our offerings are based on the specific needs of each community, we work collaboratively across the process to ensure that the gains are sustainable over the long term, guaranteeing measurable life improvements for the community.  

We support community and its partners to co-design approaches to identify the areas for urgent improvement, this shapes the plan of action.  The outcomes from these collaboratively designed opportunities informs the community Collective Plan which responds to the shared agenda.  

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Everything we do starts here.  We support community to understand the narrative through the voices of their own community members by sharing our knowledge, skills and resources to empower community and guide action.  We seek to lift the narrative to one of resilience, hope and optimism, building on the assets inherent, and sometimes undiscovered, in every community. 

Deep listening to the community and its stakeholders forms the core of our approach.  CMM works to help communities understand the multiple voices in place and align the energy and priorities of community with existing quantitative data sets. We support community and its partners to co-design approaches to identify the areas for urgent improvement, this shapes the plan of action.  The outcomes from these collaboratively designed opportunities informs the community Collective Plan which responds to the shared agenda.  

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Evidence-based decision making is fundamental to creating and maintaining a common agenda, building robust alignment across sectors, and measuring impact overtime. In Shared Measurement practice, we support communities to collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative data to authentically understand the needs and priorities of community. The Shared Measurement System brings together empirical, population-level data and the voices of community into a short list of community-identified high impact indicators.

This rigorous Shared Measurement System ensures that the community is able to track their initiatives regularly, to continuously improve and shape their focus and therefore achieve their shared goal. 

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The CMM Catalyst Team engages alongside communities undertaking Collective Impact, establishing community led governance structures, building capacity locally, influencing systems and accelerating impact in place. 

The Team is highly skilled in engaging communities though focused facilitation, design thinking and skill building using powerful and engaging communication strategies to implement the Collective Impact principles.  This is supported through building the conditions in which communities can authentically engage in decision making and action for impact. 

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