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A case study of the George Town Municipality Place-based Initiative: The community movement for change unfolding in George Town Municipality

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In 2020 CMM Social Change wrote a case study for the George Town Future Impact Group. This case study covers how they built the conditions for change, the impact they strive to achieve for the community and the learning journey that they have been on over the past three years.


The George Town Future Impact Group is an all-inclusive, whole of-

community movement that is creating pathways towards a better life for the people of their municipality. The group came together several years ago as they identified a need in the community to speak as one voice. The George Town community were asking for change, with an understanding of the unique solutions and support that would be required the Future Impact Group was formed.

The Group now works in partnership with the whole community, including business, services and government. They place community at the centre through consultation and co-designed solutions. Data and information is used in meaningful ways - this enables them to build a true understanding of what is important and what is needed.

Read the Full case study here

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