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CMM Social Change has been working for the last 20 years to design, implement and refine a collective approach to addressing complex social challenges nationally and internationally. CMM Social Change leads and provides long-term and embedded Collective Impact support to place-based collaborations and communities (urban, regional and remote). Additionally, Michelle has led and guided several Collective Impact intermediaries nationally, has helped codify the work for global impact, and has worked to guide policy-making around
place-based responses.
I sat there cynically, awaiting more academic
hoo-hah. But not only has CMM’s involvement changed the life of the organisation, it has changed my life.”
Collective impact embedded support

We have worked alongside communities and their Backbone Teams to provide long-term support in the implementation of Collective Impact, building on the ground capacity for social impact.

Collective Impact Intermediaries

The establishment and development of an Intermediary is complex.  We have worked both with founding partners and deep within several national and state-wide Intermediaries to build strategy and action which supports impact in place.

Backbone leadership

Since 2003, CMM has been the founding Backbone Team for scores of initiatives, working with the communities over the first years to establish the conditions for change and identify and grow the next generation of Backbone Leaders

Education and Leadership

Over time, CMM has offered a range of learning opportunities and support to practitioners, government, businesses and service sectors. We advise on both place-based policy and practice and help lift the voice of community high to achieve sustainable change.

Where we have worked

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Since working with CMM I can say that our organisation has been able to achieve a cultural shift at two levels;  both in terms of the approach of the organisation and also by the individuals. They established an environment of TRUST."


George Town Fig 2020

Our strategic focus belongs to our whole staff team. Already having worked through the Scorecard with CMM, the Board has committed to strategic initiatives at whole of organisation level that are well on track. We are in an increasingly strong position to move into a secure future.”

Board Chairman

Publications from CMM

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Inverting the Power Down Under

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