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Learning together in Ceduna

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

"Over summer our kids walk next to the jetty late into the evening ……. We've always done that in our town. Everyone cares and between us we know where everyone is."

Something very special has been happening within the Ceduna community….. Embracing a Collective Impact approach in a focussed effort to improve outcomes for young Aboriginal children and their families, the residents are actively seeking a new way forward.

Over decades, Ceduna has experienced both great opportunity and deep tragedy. Collaboration has emerged as a critical pathway to a hope-filled future for all and there is a clear sense that real change will only occur if the whole of community joins hands and engages with a sense of mutual responsibility. Healing and connection are deeply understood to be fundamental requirements to achieving impact in the region.

In response, through gentle and deep conversations, Connected Beginnings at Ngura Yadurirn Child & Family Centre and the Ceduna Services Collaboration are guiding a common approach for social change directed and valued for the early years of a child. ‘Restorative Practice’ is connecting diverse community groups via a common language and is encouraging habits of mind which allow relationships to mend and grow, providing the conditions for new possibilities in Ceduna. The approach is important to the residents, government and service sectors alike and resonates with the ethical heart of Collective Impact.


Ceduna Case Study
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